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Will solar screens save money on my electric bill?

Yes.  By blocking 80 – 90% of the sun’s rays from reaching your windows. Solar screens will keep your windows cooler and will dramatically reduce the amount of heat transfer from the outside environment to the inside of your home. Your  A/C unit(s) will run less which will save you money. Our customers report on average a 10-20% electric bill savings and some have reported up to 30%. 

Do solar screen cover the entire window?

Yes – solar screens extend to the perimeter of the window. Covering the entire glass surface blocks out the heat and bugs but still allows the window to function normally. 

Do solar screens block out all the natural light?

90% solar screen material will block out a considerable about of natural light while still allowing visibility outside the window.

We do offer 80% solar screen material that still offers a large amount of heat blockage while allowing a good amount of natural light. 80% is the preferred choice if you prefer more natural light in that room. 

Do solar screens increase the longevity of my windows?

Yes,  absolutely! Windows “fog up” or lose visibility because the seals wear and break over time when exposed to direct sunlight and extreme summer heat. Once this happens the window becomes extremely ineffective at keeping the elements out.

Adding solar screens to your windows will block 80-90% of the sun’s harmful UVA rays and scorching temperatures off your windows thereby extending the life of your windows. 

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"Windows account for almost 50% of Heat Gain.."

In the summer, controlling the amount of heat that enters your home will help you reduce the cost of air conditioning, while at the same time, helping to increase your comfort level.

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