Solar screens offer numerous advantages beyond their appealing design for your home or office. Here, we have compiled a list of benefits based on our customers’ most frequently asked questions. Rest assured that all our products come with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer.

• Significant reduction in your electricity bill.

• Blocking 80% – 90% of heat entering through your windows, effectively cooling uncomfortable rooms.

• Optimizing the performance of your air conditioning unit by reducing its runtime, thus extending its lifespan.

• Ensuring privacy by preventing outsiders from looking into your home.

• Eligibility for federal tax credits on solar products.

• Safeguarding the seals of your insulated glass windows from melting and condensation, preventing fogging on your windows.

• Protect windows against weather-related damage, including hail.

• Preserve the color and integrity of your hardwood floors by blocking UVA rays from the sun.

• Lowering your electricity consumption, which in turn reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and benefits the environment.

• Enhancing the overall appearance of your property 😁

As you can see, the benefits of solar screens are overwhelming, especially in Texas! With more 100°-day temperatures than any other state, 62% of the heat gain in your home comes through the windows. Don’t let the Texas Heat drive up your electric bill, shorten your air conditioning unit’s lifespan, or compromise your windows’ integrity. Contact us via call, text, or email to schedule a free estimate with one of our experienced technicians.